Daewoo Nexia

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Дэу the Nexia
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Maintenance service
+ The engine
+ 3. The engine (two top camshafts)
+ Cooling system
+ Топлевная and exhaust systems
+ Electric chain
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. The electronic block of management and gauges
+ Transmission
+ 10. A five-speed transmission and the main transfer RPO MM5
+ 11. Automatic Transmission
+ Steering
+ Running gear
+ 14. A forward suspension bracket
+ 15. A drive of forward wheels
+ 16. A back suspension bracket
+ Brake system
+ Body
- Heating, ventilation
   19.2. Air central air
   19.3. Diagnostics of malfunctions
   19.4. Features of the conditioner
   19.5. Work of a central air of air
   + 19.6. Management of air central air
   19.7. The relay and switches
   + 19.8. Diagnostics of malfunctions
   - 19.9. Maintenance service
      19.9.1. Replacement of sealing rings
      19.9.2. Rules of the reference with a coolant
      19.9.3. Rules of installation of connections of pipelines
      19.9.4. Maintenance of chemical cleanliness of a coolant and refrigerating oil
      19.9.5. A discharge, having added oils, откачка air, gymnastics of system KV a coolant
      19.9.6. Filter-vlagopoglotitelja installation
      19.9.7. Receiver maintenance service
   + 19.10. Removal and installation of knots of a central air of air
   19.11. Compressor V-5 – the work description
+ Electric equipment

19.9.3. Rules of installation of connections of pipelines

Carving connections of pipelines should be tightened with the certain moment. Insufficient or unduly strong inhaling of connections leads негерметичности a joint or deformation of details. In both cases coolant leaks are possible.

Metal pipelines should not have dents and excesses not to reduce a system effectiveness because of additional resistance of circulation of a coolant.

The radius of a bend of flexible pipelines should not be less than 4 diameters of a hose.

Flexible pipelines should not be more close 65 mm from a final collector and the pipeline.

It is necessary to examine regularly flexible pipelines and to replace them on new in the presence of a leak, damages or at elasticity loss.

Before separation of any трубопро water it is necessary to discharge preliminary system from a coolant. Work should be spent very cautiously, despite indications of manometres. Отворачи вать connections it is necessary slowly, protecting the person and hands from possible contact to a liquid coolant if it remained in the pipeline.

At separation of any трубопрово yes systems KB it is necessary to close at once apertures caps or stoppers in order to avoid hit in dirt and moisture system. Otherwise the accelerated deterioration of details of the compressor, a contamination of tubes of heat exchangers of the condenser and the evaporator, a throttle and compressor filters is possible.

At installation of connections with round sealing rings it is necessary to use an additional wrench for deduction from rotation of the motionless union. It will protect the pipeline and details of connection from possible damages. At installation of connections of flexible pipelines important, that муфта, screwed in a nest, and the union on the hose end simultaneously удержива лись from rotation by additional wrenches at screwing up накидной nuts.

Sealing rings and seats should be in an irreproachable condition. The agnail or a dirt particle can lead to coolant leaks. Before ring installation into place it is necessary to dip it into pure refrigerating oil: marks 525 if the system is filled by coolant R-12, and marks PAG if the conditioner works on coolant R-134a.